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April in Novi Sad: Events Not to Miss This Month

April in Novi Sad brings a diverse range of exciting events to the city of culture. In order to be up to date, follow regularly the calendar on our website. As always, we have recommendations for all ages, so we invite you in advance to dedicate this month to art, which permeates every corner of the city.

Current Exhibitions

Let a spring walk along the cultural roads take you to current exhibitions around the city, so visit the District and the permanent multimedia exhibition Spirit of Place – A Century of the District, which is set in the Fabrika 2 facility. Discover the turbulent hundred-year history of the former industrial district, and visit the exhibition from Wednesday to Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Take a peek into the secrets of the spousal relationship between the genius of science Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić Einstein, through a multimedia exhibition  Mileva: We Are One Rock in the City Museum of Novi Sad, at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Read our  five reasons to visit it every day except Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Take a walk through the centre of Novi Sad and admire the supreme works at the exhibition Inspired by France, which you can visit at the Gallery of Matica Srpska. The exhibition was implemented in cooperation with the French Institute in Serbia. Follow the calendar of professional guidance on weekends on our website. While you’re in the city centre, do not miss the multimedia exhibition Savka Subotić – Majka Svog Roda at the windows of the City Library in Novi Sad at 1 Dunavska Street. The exhibition GLE! By Joškin Šiljan is set at the Bomart gallery until 26 April. The Mandarin Road  exhibition will be available at SULUV Gallery until 5 April, so hurry up to visit it.

In the Rhythm of Music

April in Novi Sad does not pass without great concerts at different locations:


 SUNSHINE/ 5 April / 10 p.m. / Dom Kulture / TICKETS

 NIKOLA VRANJKOVIĆ/ 5 April/ 9.30 p.m. / Bulevar Books / You can buy TICKETS from RSD 1,800 dinars at the Bulevar Books bookstore.


IVAN JEVTOVIĆ & BOYS AND TOYS / 6 April / 10 p.m. / Dom Kulture / TICKETS

ATHEIST RAP / 6 April / 9 p.m. / Novi Sad Fair / TICKETS

GUADALUPE PLATA / 9 April / 9 p.m. / Dom Kulutre / TICKETS

ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE/ 11 March / 9 p.m. / Dom Kulture/ TICKETS.

SARAJEVSKI DERNEK / 11 April / 8 p.m. / Spens / TICKETS

JUGOSLOVENKA / 12 April / 9 p.m. / Dom Kulutre / TICKETS

NIČIM IZAZVAN / 13 March / 9 p.m. / Dom Kulture/ TICKETS


GREEN LOVE / 13 April / 10 p.m. / Novi Sad Fair / TICKETS

LARSKA / 19 April / 9 p.m. / SCCNS Fabrika, District / TICKETS

RIBLJA ČORBA / 25 April / 10 p.m. / Dom Kulture / TICKETS

OATHBRINGER & CLAYMOREAN / 27 April / 9 p.m. / SCCNS Fabrika, District / TICKETS at the price of RSD 600 can be purchased on the day of the concert at the Fabrika ticket office

SEVDAH BABY & IVANA VLAHOVIĆ / 27 April / 10 p.m. / Dom Kulture / TICKETS

Events in the District

In addition to the aforementioned permanent exhibition on the history of the District and concerts at SCCNS Fabrika, the Novi Sad cultural quarter offers more interesting events, so we invite you once again to visit it. The Union of Collective Art Practice (SKUP) opened its doors in the premises of Atelje 61in the District to the public, and every week a rich programme awaits you. We suggest you follow the Visit District website, where we regularly publish an overview of weekly events.

In the Theatre

The oldest theatre in Serbia – the Serbian National Theatre also offers a rich programme in April, and in addition to regular performances from the repertoire, we highlight the premiere performance of the play World of Possibilities, a parody based on the iconic American sitcom of the same name, then the cabaret Kako Sam Postala Frajla, as well as a supreme concert Queen Symphony Sensation, which will be held in two terms.

REPERTOIRE of the Serbian National Theatre

From the April repertoire of the Novi Sad Theatre, we highlight the newer play Once Upon a Time in Novi Sad, then Bludni Dani Kuratog Džonija, but ckeck out the complete programme on the  LINK and reserve your tickets on time.

The First Puppet Theatre – the Youth Theatre, during April, has several interesting guest performances, as well as numerous performances for the youngest audience.

Check out the REPERTOIRE of the Youth Theatre and get your tickets on time.

In addition to the regular theatre repertoire, April in Novi Sad also brings us numerous performances in the NIS ceremonial hall, then in the City Concert Hall, Spens and other locations, so we remind you once again to regularly follow the calendar of events on our website.

Bazaar – An Opportunity for a Good Shopping

The famous Fish Market in the centre of Novi Sad turns into a Night Bazaar this month, and  it will be held on 5 April, while the Startup Novi Sad Night Bazaar will be held on 19 April. In addition to homemade food, deli, wine, beer and other local products of entrepreneurs from Novi Sad and its surroundings, we will have the opportunity to buy unique handicrafts. In addition to this bazaar, we are waiting for Fenseraj Ukusa at Detelinara Market, on 13 April from 6 p.m.

Novi Sad for the Youngest

A fun Saturday morning in Novi Sad starts at the Bulevar Books bookstore, where the youngest audience can enjoy the Readings (Čitanjac), which starts at 11 a.m. every Saturday, while at the same time creative workshops on Saturdays are held in the Gallery of Matica Srpska. These educational workshops are intended for children aged 5-10 years, and participation is RSD 200, while you can find information about the programme of each workshop and a link to register  HERE. On Sundays, visit Zenit Children’s Club at the Zenit Books café-bookstore and take the opportunity to enjoy your favourite coffee while your little ones enjoy fun activities from 11 a.m.

Marathon on Fruška Gora

We cannot imagine April in Novi Sad without the traditional hiking marathon on Fruška Gora, which will take place on 27 and 28 April. The start of the marathon will be in Popovica, and the trails stretch through the hilly forest of Fruška Gora (you can find the map HERE). The marathon contains a total of 15 tracks, of different lengths and different height. The sports and recreational event gathers tens of thousands of people from the country and abroad every year. Be a part of this international event, culture and sports and register on the link.

Easter Promenade

Let us celebrate the most joyous Christian holiday with the Easter Promenade on the plateau in front of the SC Promenada, which lasts until 5 April. Flower installations and colourful eggs, interesting cultural and musical programme await us, while the youngest visitors will be able to enjoy creative workshops. In authentic wooden houses, which exude the spirit of tradition, handicrafts and souvenirs will be sold.


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Autor vizuelno-umetničkog dela postavke je Dušan Jovović, koji je ujedno i autor prestižnih multimedijalnih i interaktivnih izložbi koje su imale međunarodni odjek. Autor narativa je prof. dr Aleksandar Petrović, izuzetan poznavalac života i dela Milutina Milankovića, kojim se bavi preko 50 godina.

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Једна од најбољих португалских певачица долази у Европску престоницу културе почетком 2022. године! Нова краљица фадо музике Кармињо потиче из музичке породице и својим радом спаја традиционални и савремени фадо, али се бави и другим жанровима, као што је бразилска музика.

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Аутор визуелно-уметничког дела поставке је Душан Јововић, који је уједно и аутор престижних мултимедијалних и интерактивних изложби које су имале међународни одјек. Аутор наратива је проф. др Александар Петровић, изузетан познавалац живота и дела Милутина Миланковића, којим се бави преко 50 година.